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Italo trains are slick and comfortable and have state-of-the-art entertainment facilities.


There are 5 choices of class in which to travel - each offering a high level of comfort and style.

There are 5 different classes on board Italo trains, each offering different levels of comfort and facilities; Club (Salotto), Prima, Smart XL, Smart Cinema and Smart.


All classes have the following features:

  • Power sockets
  • Free WiFi access and free access to Italolive (a portal for watching TV and surfing the internet)
  • Reclining leather seats
  • Air conditioned carriages
  • Access to Casa Italo in all stations



Travel in Club Class and you’ll have access to the VIP lounges at Rome Ostiense and Milan Porta Garibaldi stations, a complimentary espresso on board and a 9-inch touch screen at your seat.

Club Class offers a great deal of privacy, with only 19 seats, including 2 private seating areas (Salotto).


Travel in Prima Class and you’ll have access to the Break Area where you can stretch your legs - this is located in coach 3. There is also a welcome service for passengers, which includes complimentary newspapers, drinks and snacks.

Seats in Prima Class are arranged in rows of 3 with a wide aisle, offering lots of room for passengers.



Travel in Smart XL and you'll be whisked through the Italian countryside in extra comfort. You'll travel in a dedicated spacious Prima carriage but without the welcome service that you would receive in Prima.



Travel in Smart Cinema Class and you’ll be able to watch films and TV episodes on 19-inch HD screens, conveniently located throughout the carriage. Individual headphones will be handed out by Italo staff on arrival.

The Smart Cinema carriage is located at the end of the train, so to minimise other passengers passing through.


Travel in Smart Class for a no-frills service but with oodles of comfort.

All Smart Class passengers will have access to the snack area in coach 7 - here you can purchase cold and hot drinks as well as snacks from the vending machines.

You will also be able to purchase either of the 3 Italobox options; Gustoso, Orto or Tagliere. These are on sale during lunch and dinner services.

The Italobox is a meal served in a box. Italo, together with Eataly chefs, only use seasonal and natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality. The Italobox is a great concept and fits well with the modern look of the trains. All the packaging is completely recyclable.